Arvidsjaurs Renslakteri AB was founded in 1992 by four Sami towns — Mausjaur, Udtja and Västra and Östra Kikkejaure. From the beginning we considered it advisable to process meat as close to "the source" as possible. Therefore, we purchased a mobile slaughterhouse and lorry with two refrigerated units. Initially meat packing and cold storage facilities were leased, but the need for our own meat packing plant soon arose. In 1994 facilities were constructed at the Larstorps industrial park in Arvidsjaur — in the midst of reindeer foraging area — along with a relaxing and animal-friendly holding area for slaughter reindeer immediately adjacent to the processing site. In the autumn of 2005 the premises were enlarged. We now have a very modern slaughterhouse meeting EU standards. In association with the slaughterhouse we also have a well-stocked farm shop, but our products can also be obtained at local merchants as well as by mail order.

In recent years three new Sami towns have joined the company. The towns in question is: Baste, Girjas and Gällivare skogssameby.

Our annual sales are about 20 million Skr (2013). To complement our reindeer meat, we also handle moose.

To an increasing extent, we are further processing products through smoking, drying and slicing for sandwiches. Our intention is to continue developing these product segments.