We process most of our raw meats ourselves into various meat cuts, including thinly sliced reindeer and moose steak, dried meat and suovas (a traditional lightly smoked and salted meat). The smoking of certain products — such as reindeer steak, heart and shoulder — is subcontracted, but everything is of Swedish Lapland origin. Since all products pass our own competent butchers and meat cutters and we exercise strict internal controls, high quality standards are maintained. That is confirmed by the Swedish National Food Administration’s approval of our products for export throughout the European Union.

Our gift packages with smoked and dried reindeer meat in various forms as well as moose and reindeer meat are very popular for presentation at special occasions and red-letter days. We have extensive corporate sales of these items. In addition to our standard assortments, we can arrange special packaging of delicacies if you wish. Contact us for more information about this service.